We are happy to announce that we raised $5.5 Million in seed round led by Clear Ventures and Wing VC. Wherobots Inc. was founded by Mo Sarwat and Jia Yu (the original creators of Open Source Software Apache Sedona) in June 2022 to enable every organization to drive value from data via space and time. The seed funding will accelerate the hiring of top-tier talent, advance R&D in spatial data+AI, and continue to gain adoption of the Apache Sedona-powered spatial data platform.

    Message to the Apache Sedona community

    Whether you are an Apache Sedona contributor, user, or champion, congratulations! Apache Sedona managed to create a dent in the world and this is just the start. As of June 13th 2022, Sedona has 104 contributors, 1500 stars on Github and has been downloaded more than 15 million times. One main reason we started Wherobots a year ago is to sustain the research and development of Apache Sedona in particular and spatial Data+AI platforms in general. We pledge to empower the Sedona community, respect the community standards / code of ethics, increase adoption among developers, and always be inclusive.

    Message to the spatial community

    We started Wherobots to democratize the process of building / maintaining scalable geospatial data pipelines for all developers. De facto data platforms have always treated the spatial aspect of data as an afterthought or a second class citizen at best. Wherobots aims at changing the status-quo by building a data platform that treats spatial as a first class citizen. Wherobots enables geospatial analytics and AI applications in the cloud. Users can build their geospatial data stack using familiar API such as Spatial SQL / Spatial Python, whereas Wherobots handles the hassle of cloud administration, computer resource management /provisioning, workload scalability, and geospatial data processing support/optimization. So, we ask everyone working in geospatial to join the movement.

    Message to the data management community

    The data management community have made great strides in making data more accessible on premises and in the cloud. Yet, as per Garter, 97% of enterprise data remains unused. Our approach to solving this problem is to enable organizations to look at enterprise data via the space / time lens. That will relate data to the real physical world since everything happens somewhere, and hence that makes it easier to extract real tangible value from data. Wherobots does not aim to replace de-facto data platforms. Instead, it empowers them by adding the spatial aspect to the data & AI pipeline and bringing spatial functionality to the data developer’s disposal. To achieve that, Wherobots builds a highly scalable spatial computing & AI engine that is fully managed and provisioned in the cloud. Such engine can seamlessly connect to / spatially empower existing database, data warehousing, & popular data storage platforms.

    We are Hiring

    We are hiring software engineers, cloud platform engineers, devrel engineers, and product managers. If you are interested, please apply here.