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Wherobots team members pride themselves on what they built in the past, and what they are building today.


We are passionate about delivering value to our customers. We choose robust tooling, proven technologies, and best practices to accomplish that goal.

Customer Oriented

Our customers influence every decision we make from the very beginning.

Join our team and unlock a world of opportunities. At Wherobots, we offer more than just a job; we provide a platform for growth, innovation, and impact.
Unlimited PTO

Employees enjoy unlimited PTO year long to be approved based upon business needs.

401K retirement plan

Wherobots provides a competitive 401K retirement plan for employees.

Professional Development

Wherobots invests heavily in the professional development of employees.

High Salary and Equity Plan

We think of our employees as partners and hence offer a compensation package that lives up to that.

Top-notch Medical Insurance

Wherobots cover 100% medical, dental and vision insurance for each employee and 25% for each of their dependents.

Engineering at wherobots

We are a tight-knit, dynamic and growing team of engineers, passionate about building high quality software and delightful experiences using modern development practices and technologies.

Engineering Values
Collaboration and openness

Work as a team.
Build with an open mind.

Craftsmanship and excellence

Care and strive for quality. Our work and products are a reflection of our company, and of each one of us.

Bias towards action and outcomes

Take initiative and lean in.
Own to success and beyond.

Well integrated simplicity

Complexity can be a liability. Focus on simple solutions that work elegantly together.

Development process

We strive to maintain a high velocity of small, incremental, well-tested, low-risk changes. All of our software components use automated, continuous build and deployment pipelines. We bring our most recent changes to staging and production environments as quickly as possible to feed our tight product-engineering feedback loop.

We organize our work around quarterly business and product milestones. We discuss, design, and plan new features together, and iterate on their development, validation, and deployment through lightweight Kanban.

We trust engineers to own development and production end-to-end. We use code reviews to share knowledge, advocate for best practices, and maintain a high quality bar for our code base.

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As engineers, we know that good tool selection has a huge impact on what a team can get done. We believe in choosing modern technologies and approaches when useful, but don’t shy away from picking the boring option when it makes sense either. We seek to maximize our leverage by using a small, carefully-chosen set of tools that are easy to learn, widely known, and productive at scale.

Our backend services are built in Python with FastAPI and Poetry, backed by a PostgreSQL database, and leverages Temporal for asynchronous execution of background workflows. Our frontend is a TypeScript, Next.js and React.js web application. We host and deploy everything to AWS.

And of course, our technology is powered by Apache Sedona!

Collaboration Tools
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Notion is our nervous system and internal information repository for everything at Wherobots.

We use GitHub for all development and deployment tasks, with plans to adopt Codespaces and Copilot.

Just like the tools and technologies we choose to use for our production systems, our team cares about using a small but powerful set of tools to power our collaboration and development process.

The majority of our communication happens on Slack, which we occasionally complement with Zoom for team meetings.

Interview Process

Our interview process is designed to make hiring decisions fairly and confidently, while also being efficient with our candidates’ time.

Our typical interview loop focuses on establishing a strong connection with the candidate, their background, and their past work. We use those conversations to evaluate their technical knowledge’s depth and breadth, their experience, their collaboration skills, their thought process and decision making frameworks.

We avoid algorithmic questions in favor of problem statements, exploring the candidate’s knowledge of the technologies, languages, and ecosystems involved in their solutions.


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